Fort Carson Hounds has closed effective June 2014

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Dear Fort Carson Hounds Supporters,

I am sad to announce that the hunt club will be closing down this year after 9 great seasons.  I will be taking a job out of state this summer and there is no one to keep the hunt club moving forward. The pack was drafted to Cloudline Hunt in North East Texas this week.  Cloudline Hunt celebrated it's 40th season this year and we are lucky that such a fantastic club was willing to accept the draft of our entire pack.  

I would like to thank everyone who devoted so much of their time, resources, and energy to  the hounds over the past 9 seasons.  I dare not try to recognize everyone that has helped the hunt in this note for fear of omitting someone.

It breaks my heart to give up the pack, but all good things must come to an end.

Best Regards to all and I hope you continue to enjoy the sport with the other local clubs or Cloudline Hunt.  

If anyone needs a letter of endorsement to join another club please contact me at: jhnorrell1@gmail.com or 719-359-3988

Very Respectfully,

Jared H. Norrell, MFH


The primary contact for the Fort Carson Hounds is:
LTC(ret) Jared H. Norrell, MFH
Cell number 719.359.3988
E-mail address: jhn_388@yahoo.com

Alternate points of contact:
Dr. Alison Brown, MFH 
Cell Number 719.331.2844
Email address: abrown@navsys.com
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