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Foxhunting combines the hunting skills of the hound, the cunningness of the quarry, the power of the horse, and the knowledge of the rider . . . four of God's creatures enjoying one sport together . . . all under the beautiful Colorado sky and the majestic background of the Rocky Mountains.

Organized riding to the hounds has been around for over 350 years, and the customs and traditions of yesteryear have been preserved and are still carried out by Hunts today. There is nothing more exciting than to hear the Huntsman's horn announce "Gone Away" and listen to the music of the hounds as the quarry is pursued over hill and dale - - - it is indeed for the thrill of the chase!

Our hunting activities are conducted in strict compliance with Federal, State and Landowner hunting requirements, as well as the rules and guidance of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America. We meet weekly during the hunting season as indicated on our Fixture Card and visitors are most welcome.   Some staff horses may be available for use by visitors who are experienced riders.  Please contact one of our Masters (see below) if you would like to hunt with us.

If you love riding in beautiful Colorado scenery with hounds, you'll love foxhunting with the Fort Carson Hounds


The primary contact for the Fort Carson Hounds is:
LTC(ret) Jared H. Norrell, MFH
Cell number 719.359.3988
E-mail address: jhn_388@yahoo.com

Alternate points of contact:
Dr. Alison Brown, MFH 
Cell Number 719.331.2844
Email address: abrown@navsys.com
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